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Undercover Microphone System


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Inconspicuous roof microphone frees both hands for safer driving during high-speed pursuits. The new undercover microphone system is used by Federal State, Municipal detective and drug enforcement agencies as well as any application requiring or desiring a hands free approach to utilizing the mobile radio. We are the original hands free designer. Since 1978 we have been manufacturing this product, with continuing design improvements, its now in its 26th revision. It now features a custom designed noise canceling microphone element and signal processing to reduce road noise picked up  in others   products. 

When calling the pursuit, contact radio even while turning corners!

Or even in heavy traffic having both hands free can be a life saver!

Audio Processor Box / Radio Interface

Heavy Duty Momentary Footswitch

Noise Canceling Microphone with tailored response for voice

Plug and Play Radio Interface cables for most radios available, plugs into radios accessory connector, does not displace the regular hand mic.

15 foot  interface cable to the PTT switch

Interface cable for Kenwood TK790/890 dual radio



Simplifies calls made during routine radio use.  THE HAND MICROPHONE WILL STILL OPERATE NORMALLY

The Model 911 Hands-Free System is manufactured in a variety of configurations to fit the most common styles of radios with direct plug and play application cables fitting specific models in most circumstances. Applications produced currently include almost all Motorola ASTRO , CDM series, Spectra , XTL1500 XTL2500 XTL5000 as well as Syntor X9000. GE radios with assembled applications include ORION M7100 CHP-Rangr. Kenwood TK790 890 as well as TK-5710 and TK-5810.  In addition to these we have universal wire in kits for adding to most any mobile radio.

This item is a perfect compliment to our series of Covert and Disguised Surveillance Antennas. Please call for more information

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